10 Skin Care Habits Ranked from Worst to Best


Skin is the largest organ of our body and needs special care. However, we do a lot of things to hamper our skin, as a result, common skin problems like pimples, acne, itch, rashes, dark spots. We are discussing the what should we do or what should not to get this flawless skin. Here are the worst and best skincare habits.

Worst skincare habit
1. Picking up the skin

Do you pick your skin or pop the pimple? This is the most common mistake people do. They always pop their pimple, doing so is not only spreads the pus but also spreads the bacteria. This may cause more pimples. Many people who have this habit should control touching their face.  While using a phone or laptop or tying shoes, touching door handles, remotes, utensils hands come in contact with millions of germs. And, when we touch our face more often the bacteria, viruses, and allergens get onto the skin. Making the Breakout more common.

2. Over-washing your face

Of course, washing the face is a good thing. However, too much of any good thing is bad. The same is true for washing your face. When we wash our face to clean the skin, it opens the pores in result the sebaceous gland start secreting more oil. It is recommended to wash your face twice a day, morning and night.  Sometimes people tend to skip the washing the face before bed at night. You should always do that because it helps remove the dirt and excess oil clogged in the pores. While washing your face make sure you move your hands in a circular motion and use freshwater. Do not use hot water as it may aggravate the breakouts.

3. Excessive use of chemical products

Have you ever read of the ingredient list on your skincare products? We obviously know that most of the products available in the market are loaded with alcohol, parabens, skin irritants. Using such products on a daily basis might damage the skin permanently. It is advised to use the products which are natural and safe and free from chemicals. Do not use too many products on your skin. Keep your skin product free, simple and minimalistic.

4. Not using the clean clothes

Every product like towel clothes, bed sheet, pillow cover or whatever come in your contact with your face you should always wash them once a week. It helps in removing oils, bacteria, and dirt that has been formed upon them over time. If you have sensitive skin, it is also recommended to choose cotton clothes over the synthetic ones. Synthetic fabric may cause skin irritation.

5. Combining salt and milk together

Combining milk with salt may cause many skin problem. As milk and salt are opposing to each other. It is said that no matter whatever good you do to your skin if you are having milk with salt this can cause a negative reaction in your body. And, the effect can be seen on the skin. Always keep a gap of at least 30 minutes between these two.

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Best face skincare habit
1. Eating healthy food

Skin gets nutrition from within the body. Avoid spicy food on a daily basis as it increases the bile juice in the body which lead to increased acid. A highly acidic body is the root cause of all skin problems. If you are facing skin problems, avoid using red chili powder in your food. Eat food high in fiber. Food rich in fiber help in removing the toxins from the body which makes your skin glow make. Whole wheat, brown rice, lentils oats beans and vegetables salad a part of daily life. You should stay away from certain vegetables if you have skin sensitive skin such as eggplant, Okara. You should soak dry fruits for overnight as eating dry fruits without soaking increases the heat. If you are facing any kind of skin issue, you should minimize the consumption of sugar and salt. As it prevents the kidneys to flush out the toxins. This makes the blood impure and may cause itching. You should stay away from packet food as much as possible the best thing to stick to a healthy and simple balanced meal.

2. Stay hydrated

The secret behind the radiating skin is to stay hydrated. Without proper hydration, a skin cell cannot function. If you drink water throughout the day you will get healthy, younger, radiant skin. Water can also be supplied to the skin in the form of smoothies, juices, fruits and certain vegetables which are full of water.

3. Stay free stress

Stress and anxiety have become a part of our daily life. But, you have no idea how it can affect your skin. Stress, anger, anxiety, and worry have negative reaction on your skin. Which can adversely affect your skin health? Have you ever noticed that your skin break out more when you are stressed? This is due to the hormonal changes triggered by stress. Exercise, spend time with nature and meditating are some of the best ways to keep your skin healthy.

4. Maintain a healthy skincare routine

Let me share with you one simple inexpensive home ready to nourish the skin.

  • Take one tablespoon of Gram flour
  • Add one teaspoon of curd, one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Apply this mixture on the face.
  • You can also apply this on your whole body in place of soap.
  • Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and wash it off.
  • This will instantly deep cleanse your face and remove the dead cells make it a habit to follow this once or twice a week.

Credits to Fit Tuber for the inspiration on this subject.




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