15 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin, Hair, And Health

We’ve all had a childhood of eating a couple of almonds soaked in water overnight for breakfast in the mornings. I tried doing that with my boys and they unfortunately don’t like almonds, so I was told to soak them, blend to a fine paste and added it to the bowl of cereal/oats and porridge they had in the mornings.

But did you know that there are benefits of almond oil for skin, hair and health? Almonds are known to be a good source of nutrition that makes people physically and mentally strong. But as almond soaked in milk is good for health just like that the oil extracted from almond also has its benefits to our human body.

There are various benefits of almond oil for skin, hair and health. Right from clearing your acne and promoting a glowing skin, to improving digestion, promoting weight loss and more. Let’s look at some facts about almond oils.

Some Facts of Almond Oil:

Raw almonds are the source of Almond oil and the some of the benefits of almond oil come from the monounsaturated fatty acid, potassium, Vitamin E, zinc, proteins and almond oil also contains some other minerals and vitamins. There are two types of almond oils – Sweet and Bitter.


Bitter Almond is the source for bitter oil, the almonds are pressed for extraction of oil. It has amygdalin that changes into hydrocyanic toxic after the processing. You cannot ingest it with that kind of medical properties. This oil is for topical use only.


The sweet almond oil is extracted from the edible almonds. So this almond oil is extensively used for skin, hair, and health.

I have been using the sweet almond oil from Excel Combine for a few weeks and I have been using it in various way. Let me share with you the benefits of almond oil for skin, hair and health

15 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin, Hair, And Health

As you have known some of the important facts about almonds, so it’s time to know some of the important benefits of almond oil. Let’s read up on some of the benefits of almond oil for skin, hair and health.

Almond Oil Benefits for Skin


If you want to achieve glowing and healthy skin then there is no better choice than almond oil. Not only it makes the complexion clean but also brings warmth to your skin. Repeated use leads to softer and smoother skin.


Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E that nourishes your skin. Since almond oil helps to lock the moisture of your skin, it improves your complexion as well. Mix a drop or two with your favourite moisturiser and apply in upward strokes on your face. You can use pure sweet almond oil even as a body moisturiser or a self-massage that will promote a softer and nourished skin.


Almond oil is rich in vitamin E that helps to reduce dark circles and rejuvenate your skin. Apply gently on the area around the eyes and massage very gently. Let it stay for an hour and wash off with warm water. If you want, you can also apply a thin layer of almond oil around the eyes at night and wash it the next morning.


Got a stubborn tan? Mix gram flour with almond oil and juice of a lemon. Add some rose water to this and make a thick paste. Apply on affected areas and let it dry. Slowly massage the dried mask and let it flake off the skin. This helps to remove tan and also the dead cells revealing healthier skin. Almond oil is one of the natural oils that is rich in SPF 5 and it can act as a natural sunscreen.


The presence of dead cell makes your skin dull which is caused by sweat, pollution dirt, etc. As almond has the moisturising property which helps you to make the skin free from dead skin. Mix two teaspoons of almond oil in finely granulated sugar. Add to this a few drops of lavender essential oil and use as a scrub.

Almond Oil Benefits for Hair


Many of you might know that almond is rich in magnesium which helps to reduce hair loss to a greater extent. That’s why almond is used in most of the top hair products available in the market. Regular use of it will improve its texture and sheen. Check out these hair oils that I have used and I recommend for healthy hair.


Split ends are no good sign for your hair, it is caused by pollution and dirt. Massaging your hair from the scalp to the tips makes your hair healthy. Warm some almond oil and add a few grains of fenugreek seeds and apply when it’s slightly warm. The essential nutrients and antioxidants also rejuvenate your hair fossils.


Keep your hair dandruff free with almond oil. Simply warm up some oil in a bowl and add a few drops of teas tree essential oil to this. Apply oil on the scalp and give a light massage to boost the blood circulation. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and wash off with a natural and organic shampoo and conditioner.


The exposure of our scalp to dust and, pollution, heat, and chemical products can lead to inflammation. This can lead to severe hair problems. Almond oil is high in fatty acids that not just improves blood circulation but also moisturises and softens the scalp that provides the much needed relief to an inflamed scalp.


Post a shampoo dab a bit of oil in wet hair and let it stay for a few minutes. If you have very dry hair rinse off with warm water and the oil acts as a wonderful leave in conditioner. Or else wash it with another round of shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. You’ll notice shinier tresses.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Health


The monounsaturated fatty acid present in almond oil helps us to prevent cardiovascular disease. It is full of folic acid, potassium, protein and unsaturated fat which are proved to be the best fighter against cardiac diseases. Add a teaspoon of almond oil to your food when you are cooking it.


If you consume almond oil regularly then it will make your body strong and will defend you against common infection. Consuming almond oil boots digestion and also helps you clean your bowels.


Are you feeling drained of energy? Drizzle some almond oil instead of olive oil with your favourite dressing in the salads. Almond oil is known to be a brilliant energy boosters because of the levels of manganese, riboflavin, and copper present in it that in turn helps to rev up the energy levels.


Almonds are recommended in pregnancy, unless you have an allergy to it or have not been recommended to consume it.  Almond oil is rich in folic acid that reduces the chances of birth defects in new-born’s. Almond oil promotes healthy cell growth and tissue formation process. As well. Almond oil is a good source of vitamin D that helps to absorb calcium.


Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats that speed up metabolism. So if you want to lose weight, add quarter of teaspoon of almond oil in hot milk and consume it. Of course, this also needs to be accompanied with healthy diet and exercise options that can keep you healthy.

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