5 ways you are drinking the water wrong way

70% of our body is made up of water. So the proper functioning of the organs adequate, water is essential. However, if it consumed in the wrong way, it might become the reason behind many health problems rather than helping you. This may cause migraine, digestion problems, joint pain, skin problems, lethargy and even kidney problems.

Water is the most important for our body. Without water, we can not use nutrients that come from fats, carbs and protein. Here are the 9 benefits of drinking water. As water is so essential for our body, it does not mean that we can drink whenever we want to.

5 ways you are drinking the water the wrong way. 

1. Drinking water before and after meal.

You must have heard this from everyone that you should not drink water before and after meal. No doubt this is the most satisfying, however this is the most harmful thing you can do to your body. When we eat, our body temperature automatically rises for better digestion. But drinking water after meal instantly dilutes the gastric juice. This way the food does not get digested properly and rots in our GIT. And your body ca not absorbs nutrients from the food. This may cause digestive problems such as chest burn, acidity, bloating and gas. This is also the one of the reason people are failing to lose weight even after dieting and exercising. Water after meals acts like slow poison. Keep a gap of 30 minutes before and after the meal.

Tip: Instead of gulping water, just rinse your mouth with water.

2. Gulping down the water all at once.

In today’s life, people tend to drink to water fast  all at once instead of sipping. The way waters enters your body makes a huge difference. If you drink water too fast, your body also flushes it out at the same speed. That may causes dehydration, exactly the opposite of what you want.

Also, the stomach has acid and saliva is alkaline. When you gulp down the water, it does not get mixed with saliva and it does not help to neutralise the acid. This causes acidity and indigestion. Even you may gain the weight especially the tummy fat.

Tip: Use wide-mouth bottle or glass or sipper.

3. Drinking too much of water.

Yes you should drink water. But some people forcefully drink water through out the day, even when they are not thirsty. Just because they think more water means more benefits. Of course hydration is important but excess of anything is bad even water. Drinking too much of water decreases the electrolytes and sodium. This may cause imbalance and causes inflammation.

4. Drinking chilled water.

Do you run to your refrigerator as soon as you reach home after market and office to quiche thirst. You stop doing it immediately. Drinking chilled can not only cause throat problems like sore throat or cough but also has other effects as well. It shrinks the blood vessels and hence restrict the digestion. It also makes tough to lose weight as it solidifies the fat which is hard to break. It may also causes joint pain and decrease the heart rate. You should always drink water at room temperature or Luke warm.

Tip: If you can not drink water that is not cold, start using earthen pot. They also balance the pH of water.

5. Drinking water while standing.

When we drink the water while standing, our kidneys are not able to filter water properly. Also, our nervous system is not relaxed. this again disturb the fluid balance of body and lead to accumulation of water in joints. This may cause arthritis. Beat to sit down and drink water slowly by sipping.

Whenever you fell thirsty you should drink water. You should never skip water just after waking up foe better digestion.

You can store water in copper vessel for overnight and have this water first in morning. You will see changes like wieght loss, better digestion and immunity.

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