6 Reasons You Are Eating Fruits the Wrong Way

Fruits are the gift of nature. There are lots of food available in markets like dragon fruit, passion fruit, avocado, dates, Kiwi, citrus. However, 90% of the people eat fruits in the wrong way because of this they not only get incomplete nutrition but also shockingly aggravate digestive problems, skin allergies, grey hair and hair fall. The sad part is even after eating the healthiest fruit they fail to get benefits out of it. So if you want to know the right way to eat the fruits read this article.  Fruits are the most nutrients products available in our planet. No matter whatever your fitness is, food should be a part of your daily life, But if you think it is OK to consume fruit whenever you want to as fruits are healthy. You caning more harm than good. Even after eating foods on daily basis most people face vitamin deficiency and they left with no choice but to spend on tablets. Here are the six reason that you are eating fruits the wrong way and the ways to fix it.

Eating fruits after meal

We love eating sweets after meals. But when we are health conscious, we substitute fruits instead of sweets. Do you know that by doing this you are actually messing up with your digestive system? Yes let’s say you eat chapatis or bread in a meal, and after that, you eat the fruits. Now, the problem will arise because the fruits get digested by the body much faster than the grains. The Slice of fruit is ready to go straightly to the stomach then to the intestine. But, it is prevented from doing so, due to the grains we had it before it. The minute the fruit comes in contact with the stomach and its digestive juices, it starts to spoil. That’s the reason people who eat fruit after the food they complaints about blotting and running to the toilet after eating the food.

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Cutting and storing food fruits for too long

People in today’s life are very busy. Many people cut the fruit a night before and preserve it in the fridge for next morning, or they take fruit to their workplace because they do not want to eat anything unhealthy from outside. But, do you know it is true that fruits long after cutting takes away most of its nutrients. Fruit should be eaten within the 20 minutes or else they start losing their nutrients. When stored after cutting can also cause acidity, which can also cause skin issues. Hair loss and greying of hair.

Not eating local fruits

Yes, exotic foods are getting popular these days. Supermarkets are full of Kiwi, dragon fruit, berries, avocados. People are reaching for exotic food rather than local ones. They think they will get some magical nutrients from foreign fruits. You should always eat the local food. There is always a reason why a certain food is grown in a particular region and in particular climate. Fruits which are local ripened and eaten in season, they are the best. Locals food are easy to absorb, as well. No doubt Kiwis and berries are very nutritious but for the people who live in an area where it grows naturally. We should stick to on banana, orange papaya. You don’t have to ask anybody what should you eat. Whatever is in the season you should eat that that is the best fruit for you.

Drinking fruit juices

Many people always prefer drinking juices over the whole fruit. Juices are ok but eating whole fruit is our much better because of many reasons. Juices lack in the dietary fibres which are very important for our smooth bowel movements and helps in constipation. Secondly, fruits are higher in sugar and have Fructose.  Dietary fibre promote the fat loss. When we crush the fruit in fruit juicer, that may destroy many nutrients due to excess heat generation. You can have juices sometime but the fresh one not the packed one.

Combining fruits with milk

Indians can not do without in cup of chai or tea. When we get diet conscious, we substitute the biscuits to fruits. Combination of fruits and milk is not good. Fruits especially that are acid acidic should be should strictly be avoided with milk like oranges. Doing so, an irregular reaction can take place. Only the fruits which are very sweet and ripen can be combined with milk such as Bananas, dates, and mangoes.

Eating fruits at night

Many people think that because fruits are healthy. They can consume fruit at any time of the day. Well, that’s not true it is recommended that you should not eat fruit after sunset because your body cannot assimilate the nutrients after that. Fruits are high in sugar that may cause weight gain when eaten at night. Moreover, fruits when eating fruits at night may cause heartburn and me disturb sleep cycle, so make a habit to eat food before 6 p.m.
You should consume fruit in the morning, the empty stomach. If you start eating fruits empty stomach, it will play a major role in detoxifying your body. Also, the nutrients in the fruit get properly absorbed in the body fruits when consumed in the morning.

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