Apple cider vinegar can benefit you more than think

Apple cider vinegar is prepared by fermenting the apple juice with the combination of bacteria and yeast till then it not get turns into alcohol and then fermenting it again with acetic acid to form bacteria so that it can turn into vinegar. It is used over many centuries and has its benefits as alternative medicines. It is very low in calories, it only contains three calories per tablespoon. It is one of the most popular types of vinegar and easily found in everyone’s kitchen. It has various benefits for the health and skin both.

Uses of Apple cider vinegar

  1. It is used to preserve food
  2. Used as a deodoriser
  3. Use to clean toothbrush
  4. Used in salad dressing
  5. Used as facial toner
  6. To boil eggs better
  7. Use to wash fruits and vegetables
  8. Used in homemade cakes and candies
  9. Used as a mouthwash
  10. Used to treat acne

HealthViva Apple Cider Vinegar

Healthviva apple cider vinegar with honey is naturally fermented vinegar from delicious Himalayan apples. This is 100 Percent pure and natural, healthviva apple cider vinegar with the added goodness of honey helps inweight management, improving digestion, boosting immunity and detoxifying body. Healthviva apple cider vinegar with honey contains potent antioxidants, b-complex vitamins, bi-flavonoids, acetic acid and enzymes.



What are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar?

  1. Lower blood sugar levels

Apple cider vinegar is very helpful in diabetes. It improves the sensitivity of insulin during a high carb meal by 19-34%. Approx 2 tablespoons of vinegar before sleeping can reduce blood sugar in the morning. Many studies shows that vinegar is helpful in improving insulin function and lower blood sugar levels after meals.

  1. Helps in reducing weightapple cider vinegar for weight reduction

This may be the main reason that most of the people love to take the apple cider vinegar. It is in research that when you take vinegar with high carbs meal, then you feels fuller and meal take time in digestion and you get hungry again after a long duration. It is also beneficial in increasing metabolism as well. Instead of all this, apple cider vinegar is not a miracle in losing weight you have to do exercise regularly.

  1. Improves Digestion

It improves the ability to digest and absorb nutrients. The pectin which is present in vinegar will help you to control loose motions and get relief in stomach cramps. This increases the good bacteria into our digestive system.

  1. Fights with fungal infections

Fungal infections are hard to treat, to use the apple cider vinegar is the old home remedy. If you have fungus infections then you must use vinegar in your bath water. The probiotics and acetic acid will help you to kill bacteria. 

  1. Relief from cold and allergies

Are you one from those who get cold in change of weather? Then you can take some amount of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains good bacteria which improve your immunity. Having a glass of water will give you relief from blocked nose. Vinegar has potassium which help you in getting relief from cold and allergy.

  1. Cures bad breath

Are you fade up by trying various mouth washes and pastes for the bad breath? Try gargle with the solution of apple cider vinegar and water to get the relief from bad breath.

What are the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar?

This is not just beneficial for health but it also helps you in beauty of skin.

1.Acne Fighter

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in removing the grease and dirt from the skin and gives you the pollution free skin. It helps in replenishing the acidic layer that is full of germs on the skin and pollution. Apple cider vinegar may help to dry out pimples.

2. Heals Sunburn

If you love to travel then you have to face the sunburn and after that you get worried to get rid of from those sunburn. And here apple cider vinegar can helps you. But never apply the vinegar directly on your skin mix it with the water and then apply it and better option to take the consultation from a doctor.

3.Removes dandruff

It is helpful in removing the fungus that resides in the scalp of hair. You can use it after shampoo for 10-15 minutes and get relax from the dandruff.

4.Teeth Whitenercider vinegar teeth whitener

Worried for yellow teeth, try apple cider vinegar as a cleansing agent for the teeth whitening.

5.Natural Deodorant

If you feels embarrass due to bad odour from armpits then apple cider vinegar is helpful. It remove the germs and give the relax from the bad odour.


Use of apple cider vinegar can brighten many dishes (not just salads) and add wonderful flavour to your cooking. Apple cider vinegar is a natural tonic which is helpful for your health and also for skin. But all the things has its side effects too. So before taking the apple cider vinegar in daily use please has a suggestion from a doctor. So that you know the quantity to use and the method or steps to use the apple cider vinegar in correct quantity.

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