Are vaccines really safe?

Vaccines are considered the safest medical products as they are made from killed bacteria. But are vaccines really safe as much they are called? Yes, vaccines prevent us from many diseases like chicken pox, measles, typhoid is not serious diseases. They are self-limiting and a short-term disease.

Getting Vaccination have been made compulsory for every child. Even schools ask for immunization card of your child before admission. Is vaccine is really that important?

Vaccines can cause side effects. Some people are sensitive to the vaccine as soon as they get vaccination done they start facing many problems which can be mild or serious.

Most common side effects are usually very minor, like soreness, redness, or swelling where the vaccine was given, or a mild fever. These effects will generally subside after a day or two. Fever occurs in many cases and is considered safe.

Some vaccines have their own side effects:

  • The hepatitis B vaccine can cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. The symptoms of anaphylaxis are hives, difficulty breathing and a drop in blood pressure.
  • BCG  vaccine can cause keloid (thickened scar tissue)
  • MMR has very serious side effects like febrile seizures, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, encephalopathy.
  • DPT can cause persistent inconsolable screaming, seizures, anaphylaxis.

Also, there is no surety that you will not suffer from the disease you have been vaccinated for before. There is a hell lot of case we come across who says we did vaccination but still we get the disease.

Earlier there was less vaccination, and people used to get diseases like chicken pox, diphtheria, measles, etc. The body used to made antibodies itself and hence people had a strong immune system. Now the immune system has been weakened. If a person gets the minor disease. Immunity becomes strong for serious disease as well. Nowadays there are more cases of autism, split personality disorder, less active child, stubborn child.

Everything has its positive and negative side. we should look for both before accepting or rejecting anything. Then only make choice for our requirements.

Dr. Shivani Aggarwal

I am a homoeopathic physician. My writing is based on my findings as i am eager to spread the word about how people can improve the way they live. I also write blog on how to travel safely around the world. My main objective is to discover how to live a more natural and holistic life, particularly in an ever-changing modern world.

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