Are you playing PUBG or PUBG is playing with you?

I have nothing against PUBG. This is just another video game. But what makes PUBG so different that more than half of the younger generation is into it? PUBG changed the gaming world. Before this people used to play Candy Crush, Ludo, etc. But nobody was as addictive as to PUBG. These types of games were limited in gaming society. Even though I don’t play a lot of video games, yet I play PUBG.

Whenever I see younger generation around me, for example when i go to colleges, metro stations, offices, I see a lot of people playing it. This whole scenario changed when PUBG corporation launched PUBG mobile. This game is available almost everywhere. And the creators of the PUBG  knows very well how to keep their audience busy and interested in their video game. They come up with new updates every now and then, they launch new maps, new weapons, new skins, etc. They give new and easy missions everyday, so that players will stay engaged most of the times in order to complete the missions.

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I, myself is an example. I am a doctor, and i don’t get enough times to play video games. Then I got to know about this game through people from my circle and very soon I realized how addictive this game is. So, I downloaded this game from play store out of curiosity and even I got little addicted to it. And that’s what brings me here to write on this subject.

There’s nothing wrong in playing in PUBG or any other video game, what wrong is getting addicted to this. I have came across a couple of cases. I am going to discuss about one of my patient’s personal experience. I have a patient visiting me since last 2 years. But the last time she visited my clinic, Homeopathy recovery. She was slightly disturbed. When I discussed with her about her problems she expressed that the matter of her stress these days is her husband’s addiction to PUBG.

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pubg fightThis is what she had to say- ” I was the one who introduced PUBG to my husband, so that we could play together and spend some time together. But now I regret it. This game has disturbed my mental peace. My husband is always busy with his phone playing PUBG, he rarely has time for me these days. My sleep is constantly interrupted throughout the night. Due to which we both wake up late in the morning and we get late for our jobs and because of insufficient sleep we are tired the whole day. He himself faces headache and vertigo due to his excessive gaming habit. I have tried talking to him about this that he should play lesser and give some rest to his body. But, his addiction had blinded him enough to listen to me or anyone. In his office as well he plays PUBG the entire time and ends up commeting the multiple mistakes in his work. Things got worse when his father was sick, vomiting and had fever. He asked my husband to take him for a visit to Doctor as he was unable to go himself. But my husband was stubborn about finishing his game first. Then I ended up driving his father to clinic”.

When she told me about these situation, I was surprised to realize how addiction could hamper their own health and relations.

I saw a man was playing PUBG outside operation theater while his wife was delivering his child in OT. 

A 12 yeared old patient of mine got his leg fractured from a road accident cause he was in hurry as his friends were waiting for him at PUBG’s lobby.

YES, PUBG is such an interesting gaming. There’s nothing wrong in game. You should play PUBG or any other game but don’t get so addicted that its start controlling your life.

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