6 Bathroom hygiene products to stay healthier

Cleanliness is next to godliness. One thing i always want is clean washrooms. Whenever I go for a trip or visit someone; i always worry about whether the toilet or washroom would be clean or not. Dirty washrooms does not only leave bad impression on your guest but also can be a cause behind many infections. The floor, seat, tiles and taps should be germ free.

Therefore, washroom hygiene is a very important factor to consider and washroom should be kept germ- free and cleaned with good quality cleaning products.

No germs,No bacteria

Every washroom should be kept away from germs and bacteria. The most obvious place where bacteria reside is washroom. Properly cleaned washroom doesn’t stink, instead, they will be pleasant to use. You should always disinfect the all high touch area such as knobs, light switch, dispenser and all other objects. Also in modern washroom, toilet and bathing area are made together. So, you should give more attention towards all this. Soap, Handwash, Tissue paper, Towels is used by almost everyone.

6 Bathroom hygiene products to stay healthier

Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser


iTradelMEX touchless automatic soap dispenser is eay to use and does not need to have contact with yout hand.  That means no dirty touch of hands and no germs.  You can use this in your kitchen,  bathroom.  It also has 400ml capacity so that you won’t have to keep filling it up all the time.

Ozette Antibacterial Toothbrush Container


Your washroom is full of germs and bacteria.  And those bacteria get stick to your toothbrush and from there directly to your teeth. Use these these Antibacterial toothbrush container for home and travel use. It keeps your toothbrush clean for good health and protect from germs,  dust,  insects.

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Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag


Who likes the bad smell in washroom. This Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag contains 100% Activated Charcoal that not only gives you relief from bad breathe but also reduces harmful pollutants, bacteria, allergens. The best part is when you think that it is not working anymore, you just have to place the bag in direct sunlight to recharge .

Saral Home cotton Anti slip Mat


This anti slip mat is must to use in your bathroom to avoid any hassel and slip situation. Wet floor can cause injury to your back and other parts.  This absorbs water more quickly and dries faster as well.

Paxclean triple active Disinfectant sanitizer cleaner


Paxclean triple active Disinfectant sanitizer cleaner is powerful and safe and easy to use.  It comes with spray bottle so less chances of spill,  skin contact and excess usage.  This product is proven to work with any type of water and kill germs even on dirty surface.

Vamsha Nature Care Live Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plant


Vamsha Nature Care Live Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Plant Green Air Purifying indoor Plant provide greenery and fresh air. 




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