Best and worst food for vagina

Food is the most important for your health. It affects your body from head to toe including your vagina. Trust it or not, certain foods can help keep your lady parts happy and healthy by easing cramps, fighting infections, and alleviating dryness. On the other hand, too much of some foods can harm your vagina.


good food for vagina

There is a naturally acidic pH in your vagina. Some of the most helpful foods for vagina are those that also have good bacteria and acidic pH. Which is precisely why yogurt tops the list for the best lady foods. Probiotic yogurt is rich in microorganisms that are particularly important for women’s vaginal health. It helps balance out your vagina’s pH levels to keep things fresh down there. Some vaginal discharges are normal. Know your vaginal discharges are normal or not.

Cranberry juice

cranberry juiceCranberry cocktail prevents or eases a urinary tract infection. This is because cranberry juice contains compounds that eliminate infection-causing bacteria that sticks to the walls of the bladder.

The only problem with this juice is its high sugar content. Choose all-natural or low-calorie juices or mix with water or make smoothies combining it with vegetables.


water is healthy for vagina


Staying well-hydrated helps boost energy and circulation. Women who are experiencing vaginal dryness drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. The more water you take, the more you will hydrate and increase lubrication, hence, allow secretions to be released and proper pH balance of vaginal tissues.

Sweet potatoes

Healthy food for vagina

Normally, sweet stuff doesn’t pack a nutritional punch. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A, which helps strengthen muscle tissues for strong, healthy vaginal walls and stimulates hormone production that helps keep up energy levels.


Salmon provides plentiful amounts of omega 3 fatty acids(Essential fatty acids are found in the membranes of every cell in our body ). They’ve been proven to help enhance vaginal dryness in menopausal women. It keeps the blood flow pumping down there in your private parts, which is a major boost for your sex drive.

Soy-based Foods

These foods contain compounds that imitate estrogen. Vaginal dryness is a result of low estrogen levels, which is the hormone that helps keep tissue elastic and well lubricated.

Try to eat minimally processed soy-based foods:

  • Organic soybeans
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh


Avocado for health

Healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and olive oil play a key role in helping your body make sex hormones. If those hormones are low eg. estrogen, makes notice that your vagina feels drier than usual, which can make sex painful. Don’t fear dietary fat—your vagina depends on it!

Coconut Oil

coconut oil for lubricating vagina

Coconut oil is tasty to eat, but this product really helps when you introduce it to your sex life. Applying coconut oil down there doesn’t only your vagina more lubricated, but its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties do a great job at preventing yeast infections. Whenever you feel itchy and dry down there, you can apply pure coconut oil. I love coconut oil for everything.

Flax seeds

Vagina food

If you’re feeling a little dry before sex, try snacking on flax seeds. Flax is a rich source of phytoestrogens that help increase your estrogen levels and lubricates the vagina.

Avoid excess alcohol

Alcohol is bad for health

Like sugar, alcohol can encourage yeast to grow in the vagina and it may also worsen menstrual cramps. Occasional boozing is fine, but you should avoid booze as much as possible is probably a good idea when it comes to keeping other female-only body parts healthy.

Avoid excess use of OCPs 

Ocp for vaginal health

The use of antibiotics, menopause, birth control and hormone therapy often increases the risk of yeast infections. Sauerkraut, tempeh and certain fermented foods do a great job at fighting against fungal infections.


Dr. Shivani Aggarwal

I am a homoeopathic physician. My writing is based on my findings as i am eager to spread the word about how people can improve the way they live. I also write blog on how to travel safely around the world. My main objective is to discover how to live a more natural and holistic life, particularly in an ever-changing modern world.

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