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6 reasons you feel tired more than usual?

Fatigue or tiredness is one of the most common symptoms in clinical medicine. Fatigue refers to an subjective human experience of physical and mental weariness, sluggishness, and exhaustion. It is a prominent manifestation of a number of systemic, neurological, and psychiatric syndromes. 1. Psychiatric Disease Fatigue is a common symptom in many major psychiatric syndromes, including depression, anxiety. Psychiatric symptoms are reported in… read more

9 health problems which may develop during pregnancy

Each year more than 130 million births occur worldwide. A successful pregnancy requires important physiologic adaptations, such as a marked increase in cardiac output. Medical problems that interfere with the physiologic adaptations of pregnancy increase the risk for poor pregnancy outcome; conversely,in some instances, pregnancy may adversely impact an underlying medical disorder. 1. PREECLAMPSIA In pregnancy, cardiac output increases by 40 %, due… read more