Cure PCOS/PCOD Problem Permanently in 6 Steps

PCOD or Poly Cystic ovarian disease is a disease that manifests due to the hormonal imbalance. In this disease, the male hormones increases, which form the cyst in ovaries, causes irregular period, facial hair and obesity. Today, PCOD is the leading cause of infertility in women. Even though PCOD is a serious disorder I assure that it can be completely cured easily in few simple steps. Modern science says that there is no cure for the PCOD, but I have seen this in my patient they got cure within 6 months by following these steps. The first case of PCOD was detected in 1935. And, it used to be rare at that time. Today, there are over 10 million cases of PCOD only in India. In India, one out of every five women is a PCOD patient. It was rare in 1940 and it is rampant in 2019.  Our fast modern lifestyle is to be blamed. This is the main reason behind the PCOD that’s why it is also known as Lifestyle disorder. Bad food habits, stress, lack of exercise are the main reason behind the PCOD. Yes, PCOD is a serious disease but it can be cured provided that you need to make certain serious changes in your body.  Else you will spend your life depending on medicine meditation that don’t even tap the root cause. Most of the patient who comes to me, are only concerned about not getting their periods on time and they just want to take medicine to get that and when it appear they stop the treatment. I always end up making them understand that rather worrying about missed periods you should always focus on the route of the PCOD. Once you cure that period will automatically on the time. Lifestyle changes and good homeopathic treatment can help you.

Your food your is your medicine

food| homeopathy recovery

You need to stop packaged, processed, junk food for a while and switch to fresh homely-cooked food. Just practice the healthy plate method. Next time when you sit to eat, fill your half plate with fresh vegetables, one-fourth with the protein rich food and remaining 1/4 part with the carbohydrates which are rich in dietary fibres like a roti, rice or millets. First eat the salad then other food.

Make sure to add one teaspoon of desi cow ghee. It is highly recommended. You can have directly the one teaspoon of the sea cow ghee on empty stomach while treating PCOD. Make sure to add fermented foods such as curd, paneer, sprouts for vitamin B12.  vitamin B12 is beneficial for your ovaries. Seasonal fruit must be a habit of your daily diet but make sure to eat them before 6 p.m.

Say “NO” to medicines

say no to medicine| homeopathy recovery

First say no to medicines specially the hormonal ones if you are relying on contraceptive,metaphor. anti-diabetic drug or anti-androgen drug which are mostly given to treat this PCOD. Then you are just wasting your time and money. These medicines only pacify the symptoms as I already talked about but do not tap the root cause. You may also suffer from the other side effect as well. If you are really serious about getting a PCOD stop taking medicines.

Exercise regularly

If you cannot spend a minimum 20 minutes on exercise that means you are not serious about getting cure of your PCOD . Butterfly pose is the one of the best exercise when treating PCOD at it makes your pelvic muscles stronger. Also, just 5 minute of rapid exhilaration can give you amazing results in no time.

Have quality sleep

Quality sleep is the key. Woman body is very sensitive to the hormonal changes. Use of phone calls , TV before going to sleep can make the condition worse. if there are already present. A bit of  peaceful sleep is crucial for proper hormone imbalance. Make sure to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. The best time to sleep is 9 p.m. and to wake up at 6:00 a.m.

Avoid using plastic

say no to plastics| homeopathy recovery

Avoid using plastic if you are suffering from PCOD. Avoid using plastic plastic as much as possible specially if you take your lunch in a plastic box. You should always pack your lunch in stainless steel box. This is because when plastic comes in contact with the food it releases the chemical like xenoestrogens. Which are similar to the hormone oestrogen produced by human body. Brain completely mess up the hormonal balance of the body. You should invest in glass containers or stainless steel container.

Sit in moon light

Believe it or not, the human body has a strong connection with the moon. The hormonal changes of a woman body are largely governed by the moo. Did you know that as a woman you can balance your hormones by just sitting in the moonlight. It is not in superstition, it is real. If you are suffering from PCOD you  should at least sit for 15 minutes in moonlight.  You can even keep the water in the glass bottle at night in Moonlight and drink the charged water in the morning.

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