12 Depression Memes That May Help Your Depression

Anyone who suffers from depression knows how hard is to laugh and smile. Depression may make you feel alone even in situations when you are with closed ones. Symptoms of depression can be as small as the feeling of not going out or as serious as a suicidal tendency.

Here the quotes to help you cope with depression. 

Many tend to dance, draw, paint or travel to overcome their depression. As people are afraid to talk about depression due to social stigma. You should always talk about your feeling and depression. Mental disease is just a disease like any other physical complaint rather than stigma or embarrassment. When it is hard to share your feelings with some, these funny memes can make you laugh or happy at least for a moment.

depression breakup meme

That’s how most of the people feel out when trying to move on after a breakup in a relationship. They cry and wakeup. Depression in love.

adaption depression quotes

When you try to hide your feeling so that people do not judge you. You are sad from inside but smiling on the face.

depression meme

You get so expert in hiding your feeling that you can act in any situation.

depression meme

Inside you when you are at the verge of depression.

If your parents and friends force you too much, you hide your depression with sarcasm.

depression meme

For those days when you sleep is the answer to all problems or sleep is what you love the most.

depression meme

This tree is not so unique. Each and every person who has been or suffering from depression is the same.

depression meme

Small wins are worth celebrating.

depression meme

This is surreal.

Sometimes shopping is all that can make you happy.

People who are depressed feel like some change can make them happy or forget about their anxiety and depression.

Is this the reason why depressed people are seen most drunk?

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