Does your child have autism?

It would be wrong to call anyone autistic. The word “autism” comes from the word “autos,” which means “self.” Conditions in which a child is away from social interaction, he becomes an “isolated in himself.” This is very hard to tell ‘ what is autism exactly? Every person with autism is different. All will have problems most noteworthy with communication and social skills but not in the same way.

People with autism may focus on one topic, like trains or a television show, games, one subjects like maths. They may have some behaviours that they do continuously that make them different like flipping objects or tapping table. Normally an autistic child can be noticed from age 2-3 years.

Causes of Autism

Autism is a lifelong problem.  Some possible causes include the following:

  • Genetic problems or syndromes.
  • Severe infections like meningitis and encephalitis.
  • Problems during pregnancy. Your child may have been exposed to an illness like rubella or to harmful chemicals. Any emotional hurt to the pregnant women.
  • The emotional cause is the most important.

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Autism may also include other problems:

  • Many children with autism have the below-normal intelligence or may have super intelligence.
  • Seizure, epilepsy
  • Sleep problems
  • Attention deficit
  • Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Signs of Autism

Firstly, parents notice that their child has not started talking and is not acting like other children the same age.

  • Lack of or delay in speaking
  • Repetitive use of a word, phrase and actions (e.g., hand-flapping, twirling objects)
  • Little or no eye contact
  • No smiling at the mother
  • Lack of interest in social relationships
  • Specific persistent attention towards one subject


Your child may have problems:

  • Understanding and using words.
  • Having conversations.
  • Sound robotic or talk in a repetitious voice.
  • Have tantrums instead of telling you what he wants.
  • Learning to read or write. Some children with autism read early but do not understand what they read, called hyperlexia.

Social Skills

Your child may seem to be in her own world. It may be hard for her to

  • play with others and share toys;
  • make and keep friends.
  • want the excessive attention of others.


Your child may

  • have trouble changing from one activity to the next
  • flap his hands, rock, spin, or stare

I had a patient who used to come to the clinic and keep running here and there. Her parents told me that she never sits in a place. Always keep running and try to run out of the home. They said the only thing was in her mind was the going out of the home. This shows she just know only the subject that is running out of the home.

Autistic child faces more anxiety than other children. And they need something to divert their mind. This Mesh Squishy Ball with Lights Pressure can help them relieve their stress and anxiety.

How to diagnose an Autistic child?

Diagnosing an autistic child can be difficult. There is no blood test or genetic profile (yet) that allows a doctor to conclusively make an autism diagnosis.

Testing for Autism involves looking at a child’s behaviour and his childhood overall development. Most doctors regularly screen a child for developmental delays and disabilities between 9 months and 30 months. If there are developmental delays then they rather ask parent questions about the child or interacting or playing with the child to see how he or she behaves. In short, the physician does “applied behavioural analysis”.

Treatments and Therapies for People With Autism

Treatment generally includes a combination of behavioural therapies, dietary approaches, medications, and complementary and alternative medicine approaches that best meet the needs of the individual. Anyone can suffer from autism. Even some celebrities suffer from autism and still, they are doing great. Know how many celebrities suffer from Celebrities.

It is said that there are no medications that cure autism — or make all its symptoms disappear. But homeopathy does work as this works on a dynamic level. Because autism varies so much from person to person in terms of symptoms and abilities, treatments must be customized.

Knowing autism is one of the hardest thing. I recommend you should read this book, “The specturm of autism” if you want to know more about autism.



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