6 Foods You’ll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made

Are you a junk food lover? Then you should read this for sure. From ice cream to chicken nuggets, all fall on the same page.

1. Ice cream

ice cream| homeopathy recoveryt

Yes, ice cream. You must be thinking whats else can harm in an ice cream rather than sugar.  But if vanilla and strawberry is your favourite flavour, you might stop buying that all together. Basic or homemade ice cream is made of milk, cream and sugar. But commercial ice cream contains stabilizer. But your favourite vanilla or strawberry also contain a substance called castoreum. Casoterum is obtained from beaver. When this is mixed with beaver urine it has vanilla fragrance. So this combination is used in many products with vanilla flavour.

2. Red Candies

red candies| homeopathy recovery

Candies are made by sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch and natural flavours. That bright red colour of candies come from an ingredient called carmine or red food dye. This red food dye is made of crushed bugs. You can search for anything with strawberry or raspberry flavour, it contains carmine or red food dye or natural red 4 or cochineal extract. This means that dye has been extracted from cochineal bugs.

3. Beer

beer/ homeopathy recovery

Beer is consumed heavily by youngsters. Obviously too much of alcohol can affect you. Beer in made by barley which is mashed, boiled and fermented by yeast. But some manufactures add Isinglass, which is obtained from fish bladder to make it look clearer. Next time you have beer, make sure you brand does not use the isinglass.

How does alcohol affect your mental health?

4. Potato chips

potato chiupshomeopathy recoveryt

Who does not like the potato chips. While we aware that these are unhealthy to eat as it is high in sodium level, carbs and fats. But there is something more that make them more unhealthy. Most brand mix a chemical called sodium bisulphite, which is an cleansing ingredient in general. It is added due to provide long life and prevent chips discolouration.

5. Breads

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Bread and pies are soft and good looking due to L cysteine. This is known as bread conditioner. L cysteine is made by hydrolysis of human hair, feathers of ducks. That’s why this is banned in many countries especially Europe.

6. Chewing gum

gum homeopathy recoveryt

Chewing gum are old as 6000 years. These days chewing are made by a rubbery material known as polyisobutylene instead of chickle. Polyisobutylene is used in car tubes. These brands are providing you this harmful rubber just to make some extra money as this is cheaper than chickle.

Always read ingredients before using any products.

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