5 Hair Care Habits Ranked from Worst to Best

Hair does not only give us good appearance but also protects our scalp skin. However, most of us knowingly or unknowingly damaged hair or loss hair on a daily basis. This leads to excessive hair loss, dandruff, premature greying of hair. Oil can help hair growth. Hair growth needs vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin B and protein.  I am going to tell you 5 worst Hair Care habits along with their effective solution.

Products you must have to keep your hair healthy

1. Using too many chemicals.

Have you ever gone through ingredients of your shampoo, conditioner or any hair spa products? They have too many harsh chemicals which might provide short term shine but in the long term in damages the hair.

Make a habit to read the ingredients. You should always use products which are free from sulfate, parabens, Mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and synthetic colors.

Another way is to abstain from using too many products on your hair. If you do use, make sure to wash off the products before you sleep.

2. Not oiling your hair the scalp

Most youngster these days avoid oiling their hair to avoid the stickiness. Never make this mistake. Oiling your hair has multiple benefits but you need to do it the right way. If you have oily scalp you should oil your hair once a week but if you have dry hair you should oily scalp at least 3- 4 times a week. For dry scalp prefer oiling at night it and let it stay overnight whereas if you have oily hair, you can apply just one hour before head bath. Using warm oil and gently massaging the scalp in circular motion instantly improve the blood circulation.

Moreover, the oil that you are using gives a huge impact. If you are using perfume hair oil they will do more harm than good. Always use a hundred percent natural hair oil which contains no mineral oil, perfume. Coconut oil is multipurpose oil and suits all hair types. If you are fighting with dandruff, you can use almond oil. If you have dry hair, you can use mustard oil.

3. Combing your hair wet

Wet hair is most vulnerable or prone to break breakage. Deal carefully with your hair when they are wet or else you have to pay the price. Whenever you are out of the shower let your hair dry a bit. Do not vigorously rub the towel against hair. Always gently dab the hair to dry out.

4. Excessive heat

Excess heat in any form is damaging for hair. Do not blow-dry hair on a daily basis. Do not use heat straighteners daily. Vitamin D promotes hair growth but excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun may damage the hair as well. You should make a habit of wearing a cap or helmet when you have to stay too much in the Sun. You should avoid the hot shower. Always wash your hair with fresh water.

5. Stress

High-stress level increases the cortisol. Cortisol breaks a protein in the body which may cause hair fall or greying of hair. Excessive use of social media, heavy workload, emotional turnovers are some of the common reason for hair fall. Give yourself a break. Do meditate, enjoy nature, sweat it out.

Exercise of hair isn’t an ancient yogic technique to get relief from your hair problems. All you need to rub your nails together for 5 to 10 minutes daily. This exercise will help in your all hair problems just make one thing sure that you should do it empty stomach to get the best results. Never do it after a meal.

Eat proper nutrition. If the body is deficient in nutrients, one thing it can afford to lose the hair. As it can survive without hair on the head because it needs to supply the proteins to the more vital organs. If you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients your hair has to pay the price.

These days we eat more fast food and artificial sweeteners this should be controlled. One should include the daily dose of protein in the diet. Paneer, Black Beans, lentils, soya chunks, eggs, chicken and fish are all high in proteins. Healthy fats and Omega 3 rich food also provide nourishment to your hair like Almonds, cashew, walnut, peanuts and flax seeds.

Body massage and hair are well connected. Body massage not only improves the circulation of your body but also balance in the body. If you are regularly facing the digestive issues like blotting gas you may also suffer from hair fall. One of the most effective ways to release gas from the body is doing the body massage. However, most people massage their body in a wrong way while massaging the hand should be in direction of the heart for example if you are massaging your neck it should be the downwards if you are massaging your arms or legs is should be upwards. Massage your body 2-3 times a week and you will be amazed to see the results.

Last but not least, I will schedule one simple home remedy which is easy and cost-effective to nourish the hair.

  • Take one tablespoon of coconut oil which is a great source of vitamin C. I also has for anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Add one teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel which restores the shine and volume to the hair. It is a perfect combination of amino acids and treats damage.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey which is the natural softener and it contains antioxidants
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice which will fight with dandruff
  • Mix it well and make a uniform for paste applied on your hair as a mask and let it manage the roots of your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Wash it using a natural or mild shampoo the simple heat treatment at home will be will cure your hair and make them grow faster.

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