How to Detox Your Body in 10 Minutes by oil pulling

The oil pulling was originated in India as a part of the detoxification of your body. Even modern science facts by its benefit. It is known to cure more than 30 systematic diseases. Doing this will Heal your acne, arthritis, asthma, insomnia, PCOD, constipation, migraine, and other diseases as well. It is so easy. You just need one ingredient. It is even cheaper than the one multivitamin tablet.

First of all, we need to know, why do we need to Detox? In today’s fast modern life we come across many chemicals particles and polluted air. Also, we eat unhealthy stuff like fast food, fried food, processed food, packaged food on a regular basis. Such foods are very difficult to digest and they stick to the wall of our intestine and make a thick coating of bacteria and viruses. This toxic waste gets transported to different organs by the bloodstream and cause diseases. If it sticks to the layer of skin, cause acne. If it blocks the airways, it may cause asthma.

How do we remove the toxins from the body by just oil pulling every morning on empty stomach? Take two tablespoons of oil in your mouth. You can use coconut oil or any cold-pressed oil. Just do not use any kind of refined oil. I like coconut oil.

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What you have to do is just you have to gargle for in and around the mouth for at least 10 minutes. It seems like a lot of time, but you can do this procedure while you are just lazing around, cooking your breakfast or whatever you want to do. Then spit the oil out after 10 minutes, you will see that oil will become milky white bringing along the toxins from your body not only your mouth. It may sound strange to you.  Let me explain this to you when you mix oil in water it does not get the mix. But when you mix oil in oil. Microorganisms in our body are covered in lipids which are fats so basically it pulls out all the microorganisms with that. The best part is it does not pull out only the microorganism from the mouth but also from your body. This is because our tongue is connected to various organs such as kidneys, heart, lungs, spine, small intestine through nerves after. When you are unable to hold the oil inside your mouth you should spit out.

Starting with oral health, oil pulling may help with you like bad breath, bleeding gums, inflamed gums, discoloration of the tongue, yellow teeth, you just name it and it will cure the each and every problem of your mouth. It will give you fresh pink lips and gums and whiter teeth. Secondly, you are exercising your facial muscle when you are doing oil pulling exercise it will give you clear skin and sharp jawline. It will relieve digestive issues as well and relieve from constipation.

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