How to relieve from your lower back pain?

Since our body is not designed for a corporate lifestyle where we have to sit 10 to 12 hours continuously. But we have not any other option except doing this, one thing we can do is that we can take precautions to cure lower back pain. Lower back pain also called from a second name- Lumbago. Your lower back acts as a “Powerhouse” or “Engine” which is responsible for all the movements that we perform in our daily activities. So the proper posture is very necessary to move your upper body and keep away from all the pain and other issues. Lower Back Pain arises due to long sitting duration, wrong posture. The pain arises from mild to severe and can be acute or chronic. Back pain can be left side or right side.

Symptoms of the Low Back Pain

If you feel the following sudden changes in your body then take a recent action so that pain could not increase. Consult with a doctor to prevent the pain so that you will be able to control at the starting level.

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Stiffness in Lower Back
  • Soreness in Upper legs or pelvis
  • Pain while rising
  • Sensation in Legs
  • Spine Curvature

What cause the Low Back Pain?

Our spine is designed in such a manner that it extends for various positions. When we sit straight, the spine tends to crunch. This does not effects if you do for the short duration, but if you continue this position for a longer time and discs will create pain in your lower back as it will produce pressure on lower back and will create a mild pain in the surrounding of muscles and joints. Due to this your posture will get wrong as shoulder will curve head will lean forward.  Hence sitting posture makes a huge difference in order to avoid the lower back pain.

Here are some tips to reduce your lower back pain

  1. Take the stairs instead of elevator or lift to do some cardio
  2. While sitting at your chair in office simply tap your toes, this will help to reduce swelling
  3. Instead of using Skype, Gmail to provide the information to your colleagues and boss walking is the better option which helps to change your steady position and will provide movement to your body.
  4. Do simple stretching while sitting at your desk
  5. You can also do calf raises while sitting; this will help in reducing the leg pain

How to prevent low back pain?

It is very mandatory to take proper precautions in order to avoid the lower back pain and to get fit.

1.Sit in a correct posture

While sitting at your chair, place your feet flat on floor and try to keep your back against the chair. Your head should be at neutral position. To avoid the back related issues adjust the chair so that your thighs angle is slightly down. This position will keep your weight distributed through all your bones which are used while sitting.

2.Adjustment of monitor height and keyboard place

Place your computer like this that the center of screen is at the level of your nose. In case, if your monitor is too low then your head position will be low and this will create stress and pain in your neck and back too.

3.Stand More

Sitting on a chair for a long time seems very simple but can create some health issues. Every day try to stand 1 or 2 hours which you spend on chair in office. When your phone rings talk while walking.

4.Limit the use of phone

People bend their heads forward while looking at their phones and tablets. To look down at your device for long hours may create pain and stress.

5.Walk around

Find out the time for your health from your busy schedule. Walk around the office to reduce the possibility of back pain. You can also do the morning walk which will be more beneficial to you.

6. Yoga

Big toe pose, cat pose and cobra pose can help your back pain.



Depending on the activities and sitting posture you can affect by causing left back pain, right back pain, upper back, pain and lower back pain. You must be aware of the back pains, causes, and prevention from the pain. The pain can come sudden so you have to follow above points to avoid any kind of back pain.

If you ever feel this pain in your back find solutions to control back pain and prevent from future health problems. We have share you some prevention and steps to avoid lumbago, follow the above points and get relief from the pain. You can freely contact us anytime for proper consultation.



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