How true are these health myths?

The world is growing so the inventions are. But With the time and experiences, health myths and conceptions are arising more. These can be fitness myths, diet plan myths, food myths, Habitual myths and many more. Some are tried and tested, but others are nothing more than fantasy. Here, we take a look at the most common health myths and analyze the proof behind them.

Organic food is pesticide-free and more nutritious.

organic food

Organic food is becoming a fashion. Nowadays people are getting more and more attracted towards organic food. It is known that it is pesticide free and gives more nourishment than the normal one.

FALSE: Farmers who grow organic products are permitted to use chemicals that are naturally derived. And also eating organic food too does not have any nutritional advantages over non-organic food.

Cracking your joints can lead to arthritis.

Knuckle cracker

If you’re a ‘Knuckle Cracker’, almost everyone tells you not to do that. And the reason you receive is it will give you arthritis.

FALSE: There is no relation between arthritis and cracking knuckles.

Carrots are good for your eyes.

carrot eye

It is a well-known myth if you want good eyesight, eat plenty of carrots. Diets plans include carrots always.

TRUE: Carrots contain vitamin A, which is an important vitamin that could aid eyesight. Thus, eating carrots as part of a diet make your diet rich in vitamin A. That helps you to maintain decent vision.

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Deodorants can cause breast cancer.

Deodorant female

Some say that there is a connection between the use of underarm deodorant and the development of breast cancer because deodorants contain chemicals that affects the breast’s cells.

FALSE: Till now there is no research that tells about this relation.

Garlic can relieve a toothache.


If you’ve ever had a toothache, you can use garlic as a remedy for your symptoms.

TRUE: Garlic can help reduce the pain of a tooth because it can numb your tooth. Garlic is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which both from the allicin content in garlic.

Garlic should only really be used as a last resort though, so make sure you get checked out by a dentist, especially if the pain persists.

You catch a cold by being cold.

Cold sneeze

People assume that it is the state of being chilly that causes people to grab a cold. Hence, they avoid out when its cold or rains.

FALSE: We receive cold and cough due to germs commonly by”rhinoviruses,” through physical contact or being in the exact same space as infected men and women. Studies have also found that cold viruses thrive in colder weather since they are less able to survive at normal body temperature. This might raise the frequency of catching cold in the colder.

Most people with a mental issue or condition can get well on their own without professional help.

Who ever suffer from any mental illness, people ask them to visit for some expert help.


This is hard to answer. In some case, professional is must, and , there isn’t any need. Self-care can also benefit one’s mental health. Activities such as meditation, yoga, exercise, adequate sleep, a wholesome diet, and a satisfying social life can have a beneficial effect on one’s physical and psychological state. However, it’s important to not forget that lots of individuals with mental health problems may be severely depleted of their personal resources required to concentrate on self-care. It’s also possible to do everything”right” and need additional treatment and help.

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Protein bars are a great substitution for oatmeal.

For people who does not like oatmeal, we say you can eat a protein bar. They contain same proteins.

False: No protein bar doesn’t contain the natural protein as oatmeal. Also, protein bar has added artificial sugar. ” And for more truth bombs, here are 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Body. 

Cholesterol is Bad

Cholesterol in general tends to get a bad rap.

False: “While cholesterol is an actual molecule, what it is bound to while it’s floating through your bloodstream is what’s more important than just how much of it there is overall. While way too much LDL cholesterol when compared with HDL may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease, it is absolutely not the only thing to think about for heart health.

You Need a Daily Multivitamin

You may have heard that a multivitamin can make up for nutrients that aren’t in your diet.

False: Body produces many vitamins itself. If we take synthetic vitamins, the body doesn’t feel to provide its own. And that affects the body system. But in some conditions, like if you’re pregnant, you need to take folic acid to lower the risk of congenital disabilities. Or if you are suffering from any vitamin deficiency, you can consume multivitamins for few days. Still, the best way to get your nutrients is to eat a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy oils.

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