Is caffeine/coffee harmful during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most sensitive period of the lifetime of a woman. Every woman needs some extra love and care during pregnancy. Happy pregnant woman means she is going to be a healthy mother and will give birth to a healthy baby. And, yes coffee is one of the most loved stimulants by females. But pregnancy and coffee don’t get along with each other nicely. Caffeine has a lot more of effects on your body than waking you up. It has both negative and positive side effects on the body. Doctors always advise – to reduce caffeine intake during pregnancy. Then the question arises that how much caffeine can they consume?

Yes, you can take coffee sometimes but make sure that you are not consuming it in the excess amount. Exact data is not available about how much caffeine is safe to drink but around less than 150 mg/day is considered safe.

Studies have shown that women who consumed 200 mg or more of caffeine (in any form) daily had double the miscarriage risk as women who consumed no caffeine.

Effect of caffeine on pregnant womenCoffee Pregnant women

  • It increases Blood pressure and Heart rate which should be maintained during pregnancy to avoid prevent complications. Blood pressure should always be maintained during pregnancy. As high blood pressure in pregnancy can create many complications like
  • It also increases the frequency of urination. Hence, there is a reduction in body fluid which causes dehydration.
  • Caffeine can actually make it more difficult for your body to absorb iron. During, pregnancy iron consumption of body increases. Baby is the first one to receive your iron intake, thats why you feel tired easily during pregnancy.
  • It also puts extra strain on the liver, which is already busy processing the enhanced hormonal demands associated with pregnancy.

Effect of caffeine on the fetus

  • It crosses the placenta and goes to fetus bloodstream. The fetus cannot metabolize the caffeine as you can do.
  • It is depicted from data, that women who consume caffeine during pregnancy, tend to have a low weighted infant.
  • Caffeine restricts the fetal growth and chances of miscarriages also increase.


How much caffeine does your favorite food has?

Here is the list of food and drink that contains the caffeine and amount of caffeine.

Food Amount of caffeine
Coffee (150 ml) 80-100 mg
Cola (350ml) 40-60 mg
Black tea (150 ml) 30-50mg
Green tea (150 ml) 6-30mg
Tea (150 ml) 6-25mg
Red Bull (250ml) 70-90mg
Dark chocolate (30ml) 20-30mg


Caffeine is addictive however the less caffeine you consume, at least during pregnancy, the better is for you.

If you can’t control your craving

  • Take more milk and less coffee in it
  • Prefer tea over coffee.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water during your pregnancy.
  • Milk and 100 percent fruit juices are also good choices.
  • Skip the coffee altogether, especially in the first trimester when miscarriage is more likely to occur.

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Many others food should also be avoided during pregnancy. Coffee is just one of them. Visit here for full list.

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