Know reason behind your headache: 15 causes of headache

Headaches are even more common than a simple cold. A headache can be due to a little stress or can be due to serious brain disease. Frequent headaches affect the daily life. Most of the headaches don’t cause any serious harm to your body. It can be due to stress, high BP, depression, anxiety, weak eyesight, due to exposure to the sun, sinusitis, inappropriate sleep. Which kind of a headache are you facing can be determined by accompanying signs and symptoms.

Headache can be  primary and secondary

Primary: It is due to due to pain-sensitive nerves of the head. Migraine, tension headache, cluster headache are of a primary type.

Secondary: Some other causes stimulate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. E.g alcohol-induced hangover, blood clots, concussion, dehydration, stroke.

Tension headache

It is due to emotional strain, financial stress, anxiety, fears. It can last from one day to months. It can occur any time of day but generally increase by day end and maximum in evening.

A feeling of dull, constant headache, mainly in the frontal region. These types of headaches usually go away on their own as the stress decreases. Relaxation can help treat them faster.


Migraines are severe episodic paroxysmal headaches. It is mainly on one side of the head. Other symptoms may occur are nausea, vomiting, and aura( aura can be visual like zigzag lines in front of eyes, blindness, blurred vision or  transient aphasia)

A typical case of a migraine is always with vomiting and some aura.

The patient is sensitivity to light and sound hence prefer to stay in a dark, quiet room. Migraines can be hereditary or caused by foods like wines, coffee, cheese, chocolate, stress. It occurs more in females that can be increased at the time of menstrual cycle. If you suffer from migraines regularly, medical intervention is recommended to ascertain the exact cause and to develop a treatment and prevention regimen.

A girl with a severe migraine every menstrual cycle or stress. That was so severe she used to had vomiting 3-4 times and use to isolate herself in a room. After she took homeopathic treatment she gets a mild headache sometimes with her periods without any vomiting.

Cluster headache

A cluster headache is a more in males than in females. It is a severe headache that is periodical and one-sided. The pain occurs with lacrimation and nasal congestion. Cluster headaches are sharp and located around an eye and sometimes causes red, swollen of the same eye. They are called so because of their short and close bursts of pain.

Headaches due to sinusitis

When the nasal passages become blocked or inflamed, a sinus pressure headache can occur.  Sinus headaches are habitually caused by infections but can also develop due to nasal polyps or a deviated septum. It occurs more at night when the patient is unable to breathe properly.


Rebound headache

These headaches are caused due to overuse of medication used for treating headache earlier. It makes a person restless and quality of sleep decreases.

Headache due to dehydration

This type of headaches is caused by a temporary contraction in the brain due to fluid loss. Extreme thirst, dizziness, fatigue, or reduced urination are the symptoms of dehydration. Increase your daily water intake slowly but consistently for relief and prevention of a dehydration headache.

Coital headache

It occurs after sexual intercourse. In some people, it is so severe.Most only last several minutes and resolve on their own.

Hangover headache

If you wake up with a pounding, throbbing headache after a party. It caused by the irritation of blood vessels in the brain and waking up till late. The best prevention for a hangover headache is to drink in moderation.  Increase your liquid intake and take it easy. Take lemon water.


Headcahe due to Weak sight

Both the person with farsightedness or nearsightedness faces a headache initially. As they have to strain their eye muscle to see the object which further stresses the head muscles and head pain starts. Visit ophthalmologist and wear spectacles properly.

Caffeine withdrawal headaches

Throbbing headache which is caused by rebounding blood vessels can last for several days but will eventually go away on their own. Consuming caffeine will treat a headache, but the pain can quickly set in again over the next few days. Try to quit caffeine slowly rather than suddenly

Headaches from dieting

What we eat (or don’t eat) can be a cause of headaches. When dieting or cutting calories, low blood sugar can bring on a headache. Some people cant tolerate hunger at all and headache start in them immediately. If you’re trying to lose weight, focus on having frequent but smaller meals.

Headache due to sun

Many people are sensitive to the sun. As they step out into the sun, their head starts pain which gets better itself when a person goes indoor.

Menopause headaches

At the time of menopause, a body is going through many hormonal changes therefore, headache may occur in some women. Just as monthly menstruation can cause headaches, so can menopause.


Meningitis is an inflammation of the outer lining of the brain called meninges, can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or a virus. symptoms are fever, vomiting, an overall sense of feeling unwell, and a headache, neck stiffness,  pain in the limbs, cold hands and feet, and pale skin.  Visit your doctor immediately. This is the most severe type of a headache.

Brain tumour

Tumour in the brain can be benign or malignant but almost always need immediate medical attention. As a tumour grows, headaches can be one of the first symptoms. Other signs of a brain tumour include visual disturbances, trouble speaking, personality changes, seizures, or violent vomiting.


Though headaches are not serious and resolve themselves. In some cases, consultation with a doctor is a must.

When to see a doctor

  • Fever more than 102 F
  • Vomiting
  • Facial numbness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Slurred speech
  • Convulsion



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