Online Business Will Make Doctors Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

Since I started making money from my website, many of my friends, colleague ask about many questions such as “How did you make it? Did you take somebody’s help? How does it work? Why did you take your clinic online? Is there any benefit of owning a website for a practitioner? Because of all those questions today I am writing this blog.

First of all, if you start any job then you want to know its advantages. For a health practitioner, can be a General Physician, Specialist, Dentist, Homeopath, Chiropractor, Community health worker or any type of practitioner owing a website can help in increase in their business.

Website can be a blog, appointment calendar website, e commerce or social media. It is totally up to you. But you need a website for sure.

Yes, practitioner gets most of their client through word of mouth but website presents you as a brand and helps in building more trust for new patients. You may approach to new people as well by promoting this. It also helps you in building link with other doctors. If you have some spare time, you can write blog as well and spread awareness about health. If you are writing blog, make sure your articles should be regular and it takes time. You can also sell health related products through your website. And if you are too busy with your patients just have a simple website so that new patient can book appointment there as well.

Now, If you want to expand your business i am going to tell you easy and appropriate way to do it.

1. Choose your niche

What is a niche? The simplest explanation would be that it is a narrow area of a certain wider topic. A niche is not strictly specified in terms of breadth. You can choose your niche according to your interest or knowledge. Niche can be related to any such as healthy food and diet eg. Keto diet, fitness, skin and hair, hygiene, women and men, mother and child, pregnancy, any disease or drug  related, mental health. There are infinite topics and you can choose any one out of them.

2. Website setup

When you are done with choosing a niche and research, the actual works starts. That is setting up a website. For this you can hire someone or save some money by doing it yourself. You have to follow these small steps to make a website yourself.

Choosing a Platform

You can make your website on any platform such as wix, wordpress or square space.  I personally feel wordpress is best as this is very easy to use and many themes are free as well. For the beginners, I strongly suggest sticking to WordPress.

Register a Domain Name and Get Web Hosting

In order to set up your WordPress (or any other type of website), you’re going to need two things:

  • Domain Name (a web address like
  • Web Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet).In order to store your images, content and website files, you are going to need a web hosting. Without web hosting, your website will not be visible on the Internet.

You can buy webhosting from godaddy,, bigrock or bluehost.

I’ve mostly used Bluehost as a web hosting and domain registrar. 

Use this link Click here button to get a free domain (for the first year) with your hosting.

They are also one of the most popular hosting providers on the market, so they are definitely well-established and secure enough to host your website.Their introductory price starts from $2.95/mo in which they provide:

  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included ( This makes People to trust you and pay you online.)
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

Bluehost also provide 30 day money back guarantee so it’s worth checking them out.

Here’s how to sign up with a web hosting provider (and register a domain name if you don’t have it yet).

  1. Go to (or Any other web host)
  2. Choose your website hosting plan. I always choose a basic plan.
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Fill in account details.
  5. Check Your “Package Information” and Finish Registration
  6. Install the WordPress by single click on hosting website
Design Your Website by picking theme

You need a theme to make your website presentable and professional. Access FREE themes or you can choose paid themes as well and install them easily. This is very easy to do.

3. Add Content To Your Website

Now your works starts as a doctor. Add content related to whatever your niche is about. You can add pages and post as much as you want.

4. Promotion and marketing

This is an important part of writing a blog, because the first visitors come from social networks. It takes time to rank well in Google, but with the usage of social media, you get visitors which in turn help your blog rank faster in Google. The basic plan of action would be to:

  • write great content
  • make profiles and pages for your blog on relevant social networks
  • post your content
  • engage
  • help with all the questions related to your niche
  • always answer comments and personal messages

I think you have finished all these steps, keep updating every day. Even giving 1 hour everyday can help your buisness and help you making money.

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