No one wants to discuss about women hygiene. Even women are shy to ask their doctor. Women feel embarrassed when they have to buy their sanitation products from a male seller. No one tell them how to use and what to use,  rather they are asked to read directions. Because of this reason a woman always ignore her hygiene. Today, we are going to tell you best feminine hygiene products you should use.

Stayfree Secure XL Cottony soft pads

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Stayfree secure XL cottony soft pads can be used when you face normal bleeding and day time. Its cottony soft texture prevents you from any rashes around groin. This does not make you feel as if you applied anything on your underwear. Its Odour Control System helps prevent foul odour. 

Stayfree Advanced XL All Night Sanitary napkins

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Stayfree Advanced XL All Night Sanitary napkins are packaged individually for better dispose off.  They provide protection the whole night even with heavy bleeding. Always keep in mind to change your pad in 7-8 hours even if it is not dirty.

O.b. Pro Comort Super Tampon

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O.b. Pro Comort Super Tampons can be used when pads are hard to use such as while swimming, any sports activity. Benefit of tampons is there is no wet feeling.

Always make sure to change tampons in every 4-5 hour to avoid Toxic shock syndrome(TSS). Don’t use scented tampons or pads, vaginal deodorants, or douches — they can lead to irritation or infection.

Whisper Daily Liners Clean and Fresh


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A panty liner is a great way to maintain a ‘fresh and clean’ feeling throughout the day. It works wonder when your vagina discharges normally.  It may help when you pass a little urine accidentally.

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You should always wear cotton underwear to avoid any kind of infection.

6 ways to keep your vagina healthy

PEESAFE Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

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Women are prone to urine infection than men due to shorter urethra. When using uncleaned washroom such as while traveling, in malls, petrol pumps, you can use PEESAFE Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. Pee Safe protects against germs & also deodorizes the toilet. It’s a perfect solution to stay safe while using public washrooms. A lightweight bottle of PeeSafe is the perfect companion to your workplace, leisure place and even while traveling. It’s handy, easy to carry and there are no secondary effects on the body.

Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor for Women

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Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor for Women helps you removing hair without leaving your skin hard and dry. Its 3 blade technology is the best. A blue strip with Aloe vera and Vitamin E, enhances the lubrication and helps hydrate the skin.A front pivot system allows the razor to move over curved areas independently of the handle that avoid nicks and cuts.

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

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Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm provide you 6-hour moisturisation. This is enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, it nourishes and protects your lips ans contains SPF 16. It unique formula changes the lip colour.

Vega Pedicure File – Dual Side


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One thing i can not tolerate is dirty and cracked foot. That’s why i always use Vega Pedicure File – Dual Side every time i take bath, so that it removes the dead cells. If used regularly, it can softens corns, calluses and removes hardened dry skin on feet. Make sure to apply moisturizer on foot after you use filer.

EcoTools Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

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Do you know even a single women who doesn’t love makeup. Make up is something that completes a women life. But most of the women forget to clean makeup brushes and keep using same everyday. These brushes may contain a lot of germs and may result in acne, pimple and other skin problems. EcoTools Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo keep your brushes germ free and do not spoil your brushes shape and texture.

So, these are the some products that i recommend every women should use whenever they require and keep them handy.

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