The Long History of Circumcision Surgery in Adults

Have you ever wondered from where the procedure of circumcision originated? Which civilization was the first to conduct this process? The roots of circumcision go deep into history and it is difficult to say from where Circumcision Surgery in Adults started. Many researchers have tried to trace the steps of its origin but cannot come to any conclusion. It is because many people in ancient times used it, although they were thousands of miles apart from each other.

Before you read about benefits or loss of circumcision, you should know what is circumcision or what is a circumcised Penis? Circumcision or circumcised Penis is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head(glans) of the penis.

Female circumcision is also done in many countries especially in Africa and middle east in which is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. It is said that health benefits of Female circumcision include “a lower risk of vaginal cancer and fewer infections from microbes gathering under the hood of the clitoris, and protection against herpes and genital ulcers.

Circumcision originally for Boys:

It is not quite clear as to when, how and who first used the procedure but studies have shown that in various ancient cultures circumcision served very distinct purposes. But one thing that was common was its use on the young boys only.

  1. A sign that the boy is entering adulthood.
  2. Associate it with fertility and virility.
  3. To diminish the effects of sexual pleasure.
  4. As a sign that the person belonged to a high social status.
  5. Degrading the slaves and enemies.
  6. Attracting the attention of women.
  7. The demons can stay away.
  8. To promote personal hygiene.

But as the procedure spread throughout the world, more and more adults started having circumcision surgery.

Different Points of Origin:

Scientists are baffled as there is no solid proof of its origin. A lot of evidence is present that indicates the various points of origin of the history of male circumcision. Below are some ancient civilizations that are found to have conducted this procedure.

African Historic Period:

Various African tribes that are spread all across the continent of Africa practised this ritual long before the historic period. The Niger-Congo speaking tribes used this custom to brand the young warriors who were to join different combating schools. The Maasai tribe circumcised their adults as a part of the graduation ceremony as old tribal believes. They were asked to do it to show their courage and to honor their family and tribe.

The Ancient Egyptians:

The oldest written record of circumcision was found on a tomb writing in ancient Egypt 2000 years BC. The writings showed that ointments were applied to help the skin in soothing. The evidence of a group circumcision is present where a man boasted about how he endured the pain which other people couldn’t possibly bear. Many other civilizations around Egypt adopted it.

Hellenistic Ritual:

The Greeks considered it as aesthetic to disfigure the excellent shape of various organs. The barbarians and lechers of that period had their foreskin attached as depicted in various artworks. So they used it to distinguish from them.

In Jewish Culture:

The Jewish people are very strict in their religious and cultural customs; especially when it comes to circumcision. They are of the view that Abraham’s sons were circumcised and it is their religious right to do the same.

A Part of Christianity:

Many of the Christians were converted from Judaism, so there were various rituals that were adopted by them, circumcision is one of them. But gradually it was eliminated as it was not considered as a part of Christianity. Today many religious scholars advocate that even Jesus Christ was circumcised so all Christians should be.

Muslims also Practice:

Circumcision has religious value in Islam also. As Muslims also believe in the prophet Abraham so every ritual connected with him and his descendants are important to them. They still practice it despite the controversies surrounding it.

Circumcision Surgery in Adults in Modern Era:

In the modern era, many religions, as well as other people, conduct the surgery. Apart from the religious point of view, it has many medical and cosmetic advantages. If you want the full detail about these benefits, you can ask from a good surgeon by visiting a clinic such as Circumcision Center.

Better care of Hygiene:

Many hygienic complications can occur if the extra foreskin is left attached on the penis. Harmful fluids and debris can gather under the skin which can cause various diseases and contaminations.

Sanitation of the Urinary Tract:

When the contagious particles gather on the tip of the penis then it can cause irritation while urinating. The germs start developing in the urine which can come from outside the body. But this can be avoided if the skin covers lesser part of the penis.

Lower Risk of Transmitting Diseases:

Various diseases like; HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Genital Herpes, Syphilis and more can be transmitted to the female partner. Circumcision can reduce the spreading to others.

Avoid many Cancers:

The risk of developing penile, prostate and cervical cancer can be decreased by circumcision surgery in adults.

Improved Sexual Life:

It is a misconception that the sexual activities are disturbed by this procedure. Men who had the surgery were enjoying more than those who didn’t have it at all.

Protection of Penis from Infections:

Various fungal infections can be avoided spreading further or they can be stopped from forming in the first place.

By now you must have known why the people of ancient civilizations preferred Circumcision Surgery in Adults. There were many social, religious and cosmetic reasons behind the long history of this procedure.

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with circumcision. However, this risk is low. Problems associated with circumcision include are pain, risk of bleeding and infection at the site of the circumcision,Irritation of the glans and meatis, risk of injury to the penis.

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