10 things You Should Never Do While On Your Period

While you are having a period, there are the couple of things that your body would not respond in the way as it normally does. There are certain things which women should avoid during their menstruation cycle. There are a lot of myths surrounding the female behavior during the period. And also there are many new studies and information coming out about the monthly period for women which they have to take care while they are on period. During menstruation, certain changes in hormones occur due to which women fail to concentrate on things as she does normally. There is certain food which you should avoid on these days. This is the time when women go through the mood swings, cramps, headaches and bloating.

Here is a quick list which you must avoid while you are on your period.  


Eating dairy products in large quantity

Your body is a little bit gassy while you are on period so you must avoid the dairy products. Cheese and mayonnaise lovers have to control themselves on during these days. Calcium is helpful in relieving pain but milk, cheese, and yogurt act opposite during menstruation cycle. As they contain arachidonic acids which create cramps.  Instead of consuming the dairy product for calcium have a glass of almond milk for the calcium intake.

Getting a wax

Estrogen levels are low while on period so there will be more pain while you go for the waxing. So try to plan your wax after the period when your Estrogen level is back to normal. Avoid waxing, plucking eyebrows and laser appointments while on period. Also, you should obviously avoid bikini wax.

Say no to alcoholdo not drink in menses

It is normal that you wish to have a glass of wine or to smoke for some time to avoid the pain, but you may wrong in your decision. When you drink alcohol you retain water and bloat. And bloating always makes you dehydrated. So make sure you are going to drink a glass of water every time when you have a cramp and your body needs to relieve pain.

Eat less salty food

Eating salty food results in cramps and bloating so do not consume food which is high in salt like French fries, burger, sandwiches.

Unprotected Sex

If you are not planning for pregnancy then do not forget to have protection during sex on these days. Women’s cervix is partially open during the period and there are chances that you may conceive. And moreover that, this is the time when the cervix is slightly dilated so the bugs can get from the vagina to the cervix into the pelvis. So you can get pregnant if you are having unprotected sex on these days.

Do not consume caffeine

If you do not start your day until you have a cup of coffee then switch to a cup of tea on these days. As the caffeine dehydrated you but it also reduces your sleep which is already hard to get while you’re on your period. Do you know even consuming caffeine during pregnancy is not healthy. Click here to know why?

Don’t count calories

Mood swings while on period some women get irritated while some get angry soon so make yourself comfortable on these days eat the food which you want without taking tension of calories.

Wearing a pad or tampon for too long

If this isn’t disgusting enough perhaps the effects of doing so will set you straight. Usually, you should change your tampon or pad every 3 to 4 hours to avoid an unpleasant odor and bacterial buildup which can lead to infection. Not only will it keep your vagina clean but it will lessen chances of staining your clothes.

Do not skip your regular workout

Doing regular workout can help you feel better and will get some relief with your cramps. Instead of doing heavy workouts do some normal exercise like walking, yoga, and cycling which helps to in getting relief from the cramps.

Do not skip your meals

You are losing a large amount of blood during your period so don’t skip your meals during these days. Have your meals on time and keep your stomach filled all time in order to restore energy.

Avoid using vaginal hygiene products

Many females may feel unhygienic and may try to over clean the vagina during their period. Vagina has its own cleaning process to avoid excessive use of soaps and hygiene product as they wash the good bacteria also with the water. Use soap for external parts.

Click here to know 6 ways to keep your vagina healthy. 


Hygiene during these days

Hygiene is also one of the most essentials that you have to take care during the period.

  •  Don’t wear same undergarments as they may cause odor.
  • Change your panty and sanitary pad time to time to avoid irritation.
  • Carry hand sanitizers while you are going outside your home.
  • Try wearing cotton fabrics as it will soak the sweat during summers.
  • Do not use powder near vagina as it will disrupt the pH balance and will create an infection.


Stay fresh by maintaining hygiene during the period. Having a period is uncomfortable for all women but there are some points which are discussed above may help you in getting some relief from the pain.

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