Simple Tips To Maintain Vitamin D Deficiency.

I always talk about vitamin D and its deficiency with my patients. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming India’s new pandemic. Almost everyone is suffering from vitamins D deficiency. We have talked about its causes in above mentioned article. The main reason obviously less sun exposure, but we ca not ignore other such as dietary habits.

Here are the small tips that may help you maintaining your vitamin D level.  

Sun exposure

This one is most obvious solution. But people avoid it because of two reason that is tanning of skin and hectic schedule. To avoid tanning and harsh heat take exposure to the sun, that too, the morning sun, between 7 am and 8 pm. You need to sun yourself for at least half an hour with 40 per cent of your body exposed. You can go for morning walk at that time and save some time as well.

Dietary factors
  • Most Indians are vegetarians that contain low Vitamin D level. The only dietary source of vitamin D left for vegetarians is milk, provided milk has been fortified with vitamin D.
  • Dairy milk does not contain much vitamin D. Drink packed milk which is fortified with vitamin D.
  • Avoid tea and coffee with milk as much as you can. The proportion of milk is very low in these drinks. Thus calcium intake through these beverages become low.
  • This is good to boil milk to prevent stomach infections. But, in India, milk is boiled for several minutes before consumption. In This boiling may reduce the content of any vitamin D that there may have been left after boiling of the milk itself. Also, do not boil the milk again and again.
  • Do not eat fried food, not just to avoid weight gain but also to maintain vitamin D level. VitaminD in the food comes out into the cooking medium and is thermally degraded. Short-time pressure cooking is definitely advisable to retain at least some of the thermally more stable essential nutrients in cooked food, including vitamin D.
  • Eat vitamin D rich food. 6 food that are rich in Vitamin D.
  • Do not consume milk with legumes as legumes contains phytate. Phytates reduce intestinal absorption of iron and cacium.

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