Whether to wear bra this summer or not

When a girl starts developing breast, the bra time starts. Wearing a bra under your clothing keeps you looking attractive and just all around more appropriate. The bra’s primary function is to support the weight and structure of the breast.

More than 80 percent of women is wearing the wrong bra size. To make matters worse, 70 percent of us are wearing bras that are too small, while 10 percent are wearing bras that are too big. Small bra make you feel painful.

Bras are generally uncomfortable and can give you boob sweat, chaffing, fabric discoloration especially in summer. Most of the women remove the bra as soon as they reach home.

What happens to you when you choose not to wear bra?

1. This is the common myth that not wearing a bra causes your breasts to sag. The truth is wearing bras from a young age does not help support the chest, prevent breast sagging. In fact, a study have proven that bras most likely have the opposite effect, causing breasts to lose their shape over time. According to the study, the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop.

2. Wearing tight clothing, especially tight bras, is not so good for your circulation. The study mentioned above briefly covers the effects of clothing (especially tighter clothing) on bodily circulation. All that tightness and squeezing around your chest can slow your circulation by compressing your major blood vessels.

3. You stopped worrying about bra straps. Summer is the season of crop top, off shoulder, tube tops and halter top. To look prettier in these clothes you have to keep a huge collections of different types of bras.

4. If you are breast feeding. You should be aware of “Thrush”. Thrush is a yeast infection that can easily pass from a mother’s breast to her breastfed infant. Bra provides dark and moist environment to thrive yeast. A natural method to prevent and treat thrush is to go braless. By removing the bra, a mother’s breasts can air dry after each feeding. If she needs to wear a bra, she should only wear a soft, cotton bra and wash it in hot water and soap after each time she wears it.

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5. You will save money. You may not exactly sure how much money you spent on bras and lingerie to make you feel better. I can guarantee you it was in the thousands.

6. Sports bras can often provide too much support and prevent the rib cage from functioning properly, therefore weakening back muscles and over straining the breast ligaments. If you are a sports bra girl, don’t wear this all the time.

When should you wear a bra?

It’s important to have some support while doing exercise. Otherwise there is risk of damaging the internal structure of the breast. When you don’t wear a bra during a workout, your back, neck muscles, and trapezius (a major muscle in the back) are also going to have to work a lot harder to balance out your weight.

If you still choose to wear bra make sure to follow these:

  • You should remove them when you are at home and let them breathe
  • You should never wear bra while sleeping for better breathing and sleep
  • Try to wear cotton bra for better sir circulation.
  • Avoid under wired bra as much as you can
  • Always wear a well fitted bra.
  • If you are afraid of your nipples poking through, wear nipple covers.Nipple covers are really comfortable. You may have to shop around to find a kind that fits you well and that looks natural on your breast under clothing.Nipple covers don’t provide any support or lifting, but they will offer a layer in between your nipples and your clothing. It will make it less obvious that you aren’t wearing a bra.
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