Your ultimate checklist to a hygienic kitchen

Germs are gross. The kitchen is one of the most important place to be germ-free as all of your food is cooked here or kept here. If your kitchen is dirty, bacterias can enter your body through food and make you sick. Germs can hide at any place. You just have to be aware of the places germs like to hide. Here are the products and tips to keep bacteria at bay and your kitchen to smell good.

Use microfibre towel instead of Sponge

The enemy of kitchen is sponge. The sponge sitting right by your kitchen sink full of bacteria and germs. You should zap it in the microwave 1-2 minutes on a weekly basis and then run it through the dishwasher or replace sponges with microfiber towels that you can wash regularly. Microfiber towel absorbs water and dust easily and can be washed and dried fast.


HSR Collection Cotton Kitchen Napkins



Use Cleaning Brushes instead of hand

The advantage of using brushes is that you don’t need to have your hands in warm water and soap, so you can use higher temperatures to remove grease, oil from utensils. You also don’t get bacteria from the brush onto your hands. It’s also easier to clean afterward. You can just throw it into the dishwashing machine.

Generic Dish / Washbasin Plastic Cleaning Brush With Liquid Soap Dispenser is easy to use and keep your hand soft and germ free. 


Use A Good Kitchen Bin

You need to have a good kitchen bin or trash bag. What is most important is that you need to regularly empty your bin, preferably on a daily basis. If that does not happen, the food leftovers may start to decompose and bacteria will grow very fast in your kitchen and it will stink as well.

Cello Duo Plastic Pedal Dustbin for Wet & Dry Waste has capacity of 35 liter. 


EKRON Hanging Trash Bag Holder for Kitchen Garbage Storage Hanger Waste Holder Trash Bin is great for any space, big or small. No screws or installation. Save money by reusing everyday plastic grocery bags for your trash.


Proper Food Storage

Raw meat and poultry, unwashed fruit and veggies come with pesticides and other germs.Correct food storage is as critical as correct cooking. Placing warm food inside a fridge implies it has not cooled evenly and could as such, cause food poisoning. All your food should always be covered, as left in the open it becomes vulnerable to bacteria.

 Silicone Food Preservation Bag is safe, healthy, , non-allergenic, non-reactive, hygienic, repels germs and chemicals.




The Cutting Board 

Cracks and crevices caused by knife cuts can make the cutting board a damp, dark, safe harbor for bacterial growth. Always use separate cutting boards for different food ingredients like meat, farm produce, and cooked foods. Using a common chopping/cutting board poses a health risk, but these can be prevented easily through maintaining a clean kitchen at all times.

A To Z Sales (Pearlberry) Unbreakable Cutting and Chopping Board Pack of 3 set 

Use hair caps


Prestige Clean Home Poz 1.0 Ozonizer 

Prestige ozonizer removes the chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables while retaining its nutritional valueThe high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill harmful bacteria, germs, fungus and other pathogens. The Ozoniser restores flavor and taste to the food and extends the food life.


You should at least use all this to keep your kitchen hygienic, germ free and stay healthy.

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